Online Examination Management System

A computer-based test, also known as CBT, refers to delivering assessments with computers as an alternative to using the pen-paper method. Such a test can be conducted online using the internet or a computer-aided facility. These are online examinations that are attended physically in centres through the aid of computers connected to the internet. It has been adopted around the world across IT, education, medical and university admissions.

  • In computer-based testing (CBT), computer technology is employed, which means the candidates use computers to answer questions presented on the monitor.
  • The test-taker submits the answer using a keyboard or a mouse.
  • The computer which the test taker is using can be referred to as a client computer.
  • In contrast, the computer used for delivering the exam while being connected on an intranet/internet is referred to as a server computer.
  • Therefore, computer-based exams take place in a client-server environment.

Course Name: –                OEMS (Online Examination Management System) 80 Hrs.

Prerequisites: –                Graduate in any discipline with minimum 50%.

Opportunities: –               Can work on Online Examination Projects of CDAC and other companies such as TCS Ion, Aptech, MeriTrack and NSEIT.

Placements: –                   Batch 2020-2021 More than 95% of candidate working on Online Examination Project of CDAC and some other companies.

**Note                                One Paid Project Guarantee(if performance is good during training)