Board Of Directors


Co-founder and Director of the Board of ASTRIC Computers (India) Private Limited. He holds B.E degree in Computer Science & Technology. He has been one of the flag bearers of the group since inception with enterprising and natural ability to take risks and build upon dreams having a wide experience of almost three decades in IT industry. He is one of a distinguished professional in the state known for his devotion and abilities as first generation entrepreneurs. He has an aspiring ambition and passion to turn the competition into collaborations with tremendous entrepreneurship skills. He has the ability to educate the best minds with his innovative solutions in shortest possible time and passion for social transformation. He is basically responsible for creation of alliances, business development and strategic planning. His philosophy to redefine IT as Incubation for Transformation has helped setting up new business ventures, providing overall management support, guidance and review mechanisms to several budding entrepreneurs.


Is a graduate engineer (Electronics) in 1990. He has a technology bent of mind and has finesse in negotiating with technology providers and all with a smiling face, has the skill set of knowing the market level knowledge and foreseeing the benefits for the organisation much before competition. Has ample passion to make competition sweat and run, has tremendous entrepreneurship skills and can educate the best minds with his tricks and solutions in shortest possible time. Has an extensive background in optimization and prioritization of marketing initiatives. He has a leadership experience in the IT Sales & services industry with extensive experience of building businesses has vast experience in relevant brand management and advertising with a strong knowledge and appreciation of sophisticated marketing principles. Is without a doubt the brain of the group.


Holds a M.Sc. degree from Burdwan University, West Bengal. She has an extensive administrative and managerial skill as a leading women entrepreneur in the state. Her focus is to empowering women and organizing various workshops in line with the motivational skill for inclusive growth. Her efforts towards capacity building of honing the employability skills of the youth across the state with special focus on under privileged masses is remarkable. She is one of the pillars in the organisation who has the skill set of managing home, office and collaborative sessions of officials and students on a very limited time lines and has always excelled in all the fields.


Is a graduate with work experience of around 20 years. She is one of the architects for the group who has been responsible for the overall management of accounts, logistics, Human Resource and day to day centre activities, infrastructure and program co-ordination. She is the jewel for the group in taking the leap towards the major objective of women empowerment and team building initiatives required in motivating the youth. She is another pillars of the organisation with expertise in management and logistics. Her focus is to empowering women and organizing various workshops in live with the motivational skill for inclusive growth and becoming self-dependant.


Is the CIO cum Master Trainer with Astric group. He is BE in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering with Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), with knowledge of JAVA Advanced, Post Graduate Diploma in Information & System Management (PGDISM), Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM)keen researcher and mind blowing trainer today in the IT industry, successfully fulfilling responsibilities in the system study, development, implementation stages of various projects. Worked as Senior Executive at TCS Ltd. (Previously TATA INFOTECH) and Earlier as Customer Support Manager at Wipro Infotech (East Region) – 8 Years Was involved in managing / heading local service franchisee which had the base of 200+ UNIX Servers installed at different Govt. Organisations and 10+ SUN Servers installed at different Corporate Sectors. Man management from analysis of breakdowns to closer of breakdowns along with all revenue based activities was the part of responsibilities.


Is the Advisor Skill and Social Development Projects. He is MBA – Finance with over 18 years of rich experience in the domain of Training and Skill Development and functions across implementation, business development and project management. He has a very comprehensive understanding of the sectors such as Telecom, Retail, Consumer durables, Healthcare and various informal sectors. His deep understanding of the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa, has led way for many successful projects being implemented in these locations. His width of experience spreads itself across various projects that are sponsored by the government and Corporates, both for community development and internal performance enablement goals.


Is the Statutory Auditor of Astric Group since its inception. He holds academic qualification of B.Com (Hons) and professional qualification of FCA, ISA Year of ACA 1984, FCA in 1990. He has rich experience of over 35 years in the domain of financial consultation and functioning across various audit implementation. He has been our financial advisor and a guiding force in ensuring the statutory compliance. His width of experience and professional consultation has helped us meet the timeline of all financial works and achieve milestones of success.